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Join host Nancy Seagal LIVE! as she shares compelling information of how to overcome adversity of all levels!

Nancy interviews guests  from Santa Barbara and surrounding areas who have overcome tough challenges and now share their intriguing  stories.




Featured Shows:


Alternatives to Violence Project: guest- Pat Hardy 

Pat Hardy, Organizer/Facilitator of the Alternatives to Violence Project, speaks about how the project gives people tools they can use to change themselves and our violent society. Participants of the projects workshops learn new ways to react to potentially violent situations- new ways to respond to conflict and frustration.


Job Creation: guest- Joe Nicassio

Business Marketing Coach and Author of ‘Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit’, Joe Nicassio, shares his innovative solutions to create more jobs in today’s tough economy.


Dream Interpretation: guest- Amy Katz

Amy Katz, Dream Tender, Intuitive, and Author, shares how dreams are the gateways into peoples souls, and that they can lead richer and more fulfilling lives by paying attention to them and working with them. Check out her LIVE dream interpretation on the show!


Humanity of Homosexuality: guest- Tyler Lord Hamilton 

Life Coach for Gay Men, Tyler Lord Hamilton, candidly shares his life journey in the subculture world as a homosexual person. He now helps other gay men with their struggles in order to have a better life.


Love Relations: guest Faith Deeter, MFT. 

Relationship expert, Faith Deeter, MFT., shares how to keep love alive year round with solid advice for all types of relationships to thrive!


Self Esteem: guest Andrew Wilson 

Andrew Wilson, World Black Belt Hall of Fame and author of ¬†‘Game of Life’, shares how self esteem contributes to succeeding in life.


Chiropractic Care: guest Dr Aaron Stauber 

Chiropractor, Dr. Aaron Stauber, discusses how his gentle approach of upper cervical chiropractic care can benefit and heal people.


Living with Death: guest Dr. Lois West Bristow

Dr. Lois West Bristow, author of ‘Death Comes Not As A Stranger’, talks about living with death and finding the joy in life.


Mercury Poisoning Part 2: guest Keith Schofield PhD.

Return guest, Dr. Keith Schofield shares his research about mercury
and how it effects our health and environment.


The Psychic Soul with guest Helen Piceno

Helen Piceno, Soul Coach and Intuitive about how she helps people overcome adversity via the soul. Helen does a psychic reading on the show.


Sex and Your Emotional Intelligence: guest Dr. Suzanne Rapley

Sex Therapist, Suzanne Rapley, Ph.D shares how increasing Emotional Intelligence, we can change the way relationships look, we can lower the incidence of depression and anxiety, we can decrease  stress levels, enhance physical health, increase our ability to be intimate with our partners,  enhance morale in companies/corporations, which then ripples out into positive.


ADHD- It doesn’t have to define you.

Juli Shulem, CPC., Efficiency/ADHD Coach, shares strategies to become more efficient, less stressed and better manage time to enjoy life more fully.  She specializes in working with those who need additional skills and tools to make their lives run smoother and anything relating to living and dealing with ADHD.


Triumph Over Torture – Part 2

Mohammad Mohabbat, author of ‘ My Name Is Mohammad’, shares his compelling story of how he went from becoming the first foreign exchange student to come to the US from Afghanistan to being marked for execution in his former country before escaping. Mohammad also shares the challenges of being a Muslim as a US citizen and how it has affected his life.


Empowerment of Music: guest John Kay of the Steppenwolf Band

John Kay of the Steppenwolf Band shares about overcoming his life adversities from childhood and throughout his career into a foundation which serves human rights, wildlife and environmental issues.


Overcoming the Fear of Death: guest Lois West Bristow, PhD.

Dr. Lois West Bristol speaks about overcoming the fear of death and finding joy in the final years.


Pathway to Happiness: guest Gary Van Warmerdam from Nancy Seagal on Vimeo.

Coach Gary Van Warmerdam shares his experience with finding the pathway to happiness.


Fitness & Life Coach Suzanne Reilley shares how to live skinny.


Joe Palmer from Nancy Seagal on Vimeo.


Coach Joe Palmer shares how helps people to overcome adversity through coaching his clients with the ‘Bullseye Theory’.


Bi Polar Disorder advocate, Alexandra Coffin, shares how she manages her bi polar disorder without the use of drugs.


Relationships expert Faith Deeter, MFT, shares how to overcome adversity in personal and business relationships.


Jeff Johns – Leprosy & STIGMA from Nancy Seagal on Vimeo.

Jeff Johns is an award winning photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. ¬†In late 2011, Johns finished producing his fifth documentary ‚ÄúSTIGMA‚ÄĚ, which sent a team of two journalists around the world to document the still present plight of leprosy affecting millions of people in almost every country on Earth.


Sunni Llee: Mind Power from Nancy Seagal on Vimeo.

Nancy Seagal interviews Sunni Llee. She shares how has overcome her adversities and how hypnosis and her psychic abilities helps others to do the same.

Mohammad Mohabbat – Interview from Nancy Seagal on Vimeo.

Nancy Seagal interviews the first foreign exchange student and political refugee from Afghanistan. Mohammad Gul Mohabbat was marked for execution in his country and miraculously escaped. He is the author of ‘My name is Mohammad’.

Nancy Seagal interviews scientist and mercury expert, Dr. Keith Schofield about mercury in our environment and how it leads to poisoning in humans.

Rising Above It! host, Nancy Seagal interviews Deborah Blohm on the healing powers of gemstones.

Rising Above It! host, Nancy Seagal interviews Santa Barbara Healer, Michael Singer, about anger.

Rising Above It! host Nancy Seagal interviews cancer survivor Boris Romanowsky and how he beat the odds.

Nancy Seagal and fitness guru, Josh Nissan talk about their program that focuses on the core of the mind and body to achieve optimum performance in life.

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