Transforming Pessimism to Optimism

Transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts and developing optimism

Physicists have proven that everything is energy. Energy comes in so many forms.

Whether it is a table or building, plant or human, water or the wind energy is made up of things you see and things that are naked to the eye.

This includes your thoughts.

Thoughts can be negative or positive and they have a profound effect on your being.

When you think negative thoughts no matter how insignificant you think the negative thought may be that negative thought weakens you and your energy, including our immune system.

The negative thoughts you have also send a negative vibration that affects other people, animals, and circumstances around you.

This is also true for negative emotions, and if you keep negative emotions held within you, and they are not released, they fester within your body and can create disease.

On the other hand, when you think positively and are optimistic you benefit in your mental and physical health, work success, relationships and attractiveness.

When you are an optimists, you tend to view and expect the best in everything and whatever happens it will all work out to be okay. Setbacks are considered just temporary, they are not disasters, they are new challenges to overcome.

When you are optimistic you focus on opportunities, what you need to do rather than wishing on things to be different. You use and do, what is necessary.

Events and how you perceive them are rarely black and white, yet, negative thoughts tend to be absolute thinking, such as ‘all or nothing’.

To change your negative thought patterns… Change your thoughts!

Follow this example:

If a circumstance doesn’t go your way and you believe, that the circumstance happened because it was your fault or the fault of someone else, notice the affect it has on you.

Do you sulk or get angry and blame?

What thoughts are you thinking?

In order to overcome these negative feelings to feel better and more positive, you need to make a change.

To do this, think of other explanations as to what may have happened, which will lead you to breaking away from negative thought patterns and begin developing positive thought patterns.

Creating multiple explanations leads to feeling better and more positive about the circumstance, yourself, others and the world around you.

Become aware of negative thought patterns and practice creating new ways to think about things. The more you practice the easier it gets.

The easier it gets, the more you will find yourself thinking in a more positive thought pattern…

You will be programming your subconscious mind to let the negative thoughts fade away.

Open your mind to observe your thoughts in a new way. Become aware of new possibilities and let the negative thoughts fade away. Welcome in the new positive thoughts.

How To Transform Pessimism to Optimism

Is your negativity preventing you from being happy and having what you desire?  Do people avoid you because they think you’ll have something negative to say? Do they tell you to look on the bright side?

80% of  most peoples thoughts are negative even when their intention is positive.

Negative thinking is draining, for yourself and for others around you. It prevents happiness, hinders health and stops you from having what you desire.

Now you can transform your negative thinking patterns to more positive and productive thoughts, in less than 30 minutes. It will help you to develop optimism so you can achieve your greatest potential.

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