¬†“Nancy Seagal taught a Lunch and Learn on Public Speaking to a group of Isolite employees in 2017.¬† Nancy covered a¬† lot of tips, including how not to get distracted, standing tall and confident, speaking from your diaphragm, preparing and thorough covering of subject matter. ¬†Thank you Nancy for a great learning session for our team!
Best regards, 
Alexis Guerrier
HR Generalist
Isolite Systems
“When I started organizing the inaugural Annual Congress of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, I knew I needed top-flight speakers, especially for the first presentation after the opening address by the organizers. Having met Nancy on a previous BWRT occasion and noting her passion and enthusiasm for presenting, I invited her to give a presentation on marketing and business growth. It was a good choice. Nancy delivered a perfectly measured and structured presentation that was much appreciated by all attendees and she is to be highly recommended.
Terence Watts
Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Founder

“Nancy allowed the local community to come together to practice a global sense wellbeing and serenity. The meditation session left her audience feeling¬†with an overall mind and body calm. Nancy shared with her audience how to maintain equanimity in a world filled with chaos and daily stresses.”

Kendall Lyon – Manager
Four Seasons Resort
The Biltmore Santa Barbara


“I can’t thank Nancy enough. Simple meditation techniques she taught me has allowed me to reach a state of calm in my life that I didn’t think possible. And as a Christian I have applied the same techniques in prayer to reach a spiritual state I have never experienced before. Thanks again,

M. Stoker – Attorney


“Thank you Nancy for helping me overcome my fear of public speaking. If I hadn’t sought your services I would have never been able to give¬†the solid presentation¬†needed¬†in order for¬†me to be hired¬†to manage the¬†University’s financial portfolio.”

Ambrust, Financial Advisor


“Powerful work.”
“I just wanted to share with you how much our work has had such a profound effect on my life just since our last meeting. I am feeling, sensing and moving through life so differently with a whole new sense of a returning self before all the trauma, etc. Returning to me. Wow, this work is so powerful. I am beginning to believe in me again and not be so affected by perceived stressors. I am in my body more and feeling so much more. You are such a gift in my life. Thank you for taking this journey with me.”

Jody N.


“Nancy’s intuitive gifts are a true blessing to the world as she compassionately interviews her guest of triumph to help others over come their struggles in life. Nancy’s true story of healing herself is amazing and she carries such a compassionate approach in helping others on her television program ‘Rising Above It’.”

Helen Piceno- Intuitive Soul Coach


“I began utilizing Nancy’s expertise in Hypnosis when I was attempting to become a PGA apprentice.¬† It was during those sessions that I realized that I was holding myself back.
Through hypnosis we were able to visit past memories and help me let go of what I was holding onto.¬† This process gave me the confidence I needed to pass my playing ability test and become a PGA apprentice.”

L. Rod


“I’m speechless …I just listened to Relax, Restore & Revitalize. I have never in my ENTIRE life felt this way. It was like I was wrapped in this silky soft floating sensation. It¬īs just like so amazing. Everyone should really try it. The reason I found your website and your free session is that I’ve had some test anxiety for a couple of years, and the session really helps to calm me ….so thank you for an amazing session. I really don’t know how to thank you!! :)”

Claus A.


“Just want to thank you for an excellent show last night. ¬†You were A+. Great job!! You should have your own TV series. ¬†I have already received several responses to the show and they have been some of the best that we have had from this series. ¬†Super informative. ¬†I look forward to doing another program with you. Thanks.”

John Macker


“Nancy introduced me to her skills as a hypnotherapist many years ago,and it has been many years since I’ve smoked cigarettes. I was not a believer in the process until I went under treatment with Nancy. She changed the direction of the health path of my life dramatically. I use her techniques to this day. She totally shocked me with the effectiveness of her hypnosis. Nancy is a very powerful woman in many ways. One is blessed to cross her path.”

Thankfully, Michael G.


“My life and business is back on track, it’s such a relief! I couldn’t have done it without you! I can’t thank you enough!”

Ed A.


“I was destroying myself and my family, then I came to you help me stop drinking. It worked! There are no words enough to say how thankful I am for you helping me.”

Oleg R.


Mike S., 61, FL – Hypnotherapy


Lori W., WI – Hypnotherapy


Triathlete Mike S., 61, FL – AquaCranial Therapy


Lori W., WI – AquaCranial Therapy

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