infinite power

Empowerment through adversity can give your your power back, you just need to trust yourself.

You know yourself better than anyone. No one can possibly know everything that is truly right for you. You must trust your gut feeling otherwise known as your intuition. We all have it, some access and pay attention to it more than others. When you listen to what your inner self is telling you, it will always lead you to what is right for you, whatever it may be. It may lead you to lessons to be learned for your own personal growth or it may lead you on a path in which you are divinely called to serve.

There are many times you may be persuaded to choose what others want or think is best for you. By placing your power into someone else’s hands and not listening or trusting in yourself, you set yourself up for failure and take a longer journey only to find yourself back to the original feeling of what is right for yourself.

An excellent example of trusting in oneself is when I was told by doctors that my mysterious debilitating illness was ‘in my head’. I briefly entertained the idea but knew they were wrong. I used hypnosis to access my subconscious mind to find that I was right, the doctors hadn’t found it yet an it started with the letter ‘M’. I listened to myself because I knew myself better than anyone. It took five more years until I finally discovered the answer of it being mercury poisoning. Imagine what it would have been like if I believed in them and not myself. I assure you I would not be alive today to help others.

Believe in yourself and know you hold infinite power within yourself. Learn how to effectively access it, use it, and let the rest unfold .