Reducing Stress

There are many types of stress that you are exposed to, some are good, while others do you harm.

Your body is designed to instinctively ‘take flight or fight’. It is your way of surviving.

Your body automatically react to stress, sometimes when you  are in a stressful situation, positive or negative, your heart beats faster, your breathing becomes rapid, your muscles tighten, your  face becomes flushed and you start to perspire. You respond in many different ways.

Stress can have  a profound effect on your body.

It weakens your immune system making you susceptible to disease and illnesses.

Stress can have a domino effect on your health.

If you imagine, an orchestra playing, harmoniously, then suddenly the percussion section begins to play their drums offbeat, causing the the flute section to play a few bars, ahead,and then the violin and horn section,  follows suit……

all playing a few bars, ahead or behind,…

while the conductor is waving his arms, twice the tempo…

throwing the entire orchestra into chaos and frenzy…….

going out of control until the entire floor collapses around them,

leaving them toppled upon each other, in a broken mess.

Very similar to a person exposed to continuous stress and tension, experiencing chaos and frenzy or developing a stress-related illness.

When you focus on fears, anxieties, and worries, it produces a continuous flow of stress.

When your emotions are involved and if feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, depression, guilt are suppressed and not expressed it adds to your level of experiencing stress.

By repressing our the negative emotions, it becomes the root of self-destruction.

By releasing those negative emotions, it will lessen the negative outcome and reduce the impact of the stress you experience.

When anger is held within, it eventually builds and erupts, much like a pressure cooker when the lid is on tight and the valve is closed.

The pressure builds and builds. In order to release the pressure, you need to open the valve. Once you open the valve, the pressure is released and what was building up, returns to normal.

How To Reduce Stress:

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