“Do You Recognize the 10 Myths of Hypnosis?”

Do you have barriers and roadblocks in your life that are preventing you from moving forward with your goals and dreams?

Do you worry that no matter how hard you’ve already tried, you still can’t break through them to get your desired results?

Are you open to a new approach?

I specialize in guiding people to reach their greatest potential in their business and personal lives. As a result, clients go from being stuck and self limiting to easily breaking through barriers and roadblocks that keep them from moving forward.

I use hypnosis as the solution to achieving our greatest potential.

What is hypnosis?

If you are wondering what hypnosis is, then keep reading…

First, let’s dispel all the myths about hypnosis!

The Top 10 Myths Of Hypnosis:

Myth #1: It’s all brainwashing and mind control.

Many people ask: “Are you controlling me or my mind?”

The answer is no. I simply guide you to access the answers within your own mind.

The only person that can control your mind is you! As the consulting hypnotist, I help you to breakthrough your own barriers and find the answers that are already within your subconscious.

Myth #2: It’s the devil’s work.

Some religious people think that hypnosis is “the devil’s work”. However, hypnosis is just a technique to conquer issues, and has nothing to do with religion, the devil, or even God.

Hypnosis brings forth a very natural state of mind. As humans, when we relax the conscious mind, we can then access the subconscious mind, which is where our natural intelligence is. This is where we can find healing, answers, and solutions.

Myth #3: It’s going to make me do things I don’t want to do.

Are you thinking that hypnosis is going to make you dance like a chicken, or divulge your deepest secrets, or even take your clothes off?

No offense, but you’re probably the last person I want to see naked! =)

I’ll leave that stuff to the “Entertainment Stage Hypnotists” for your amusement. This is as far as that goes.

Entertainment Stage Hypnotists are for entertainment value, whereas, hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique for you to obtain solutions to your problems, and help you create a better life.

The truth is, in the state of hypnosis if the suggestions goes against your morals or belief system, you won’t do it.

For example, if ANY hypnotist told you to rob a bank and you wouldn’t normally do something like this because it’s is against your morals, you simply wouldn’t do it. No one can control you but you!

When working with a consulting hypnotist, the goal is to focus on you achieving your greatest self, which is always 100% in your integrity, values, and morals.

Myth #4: I’m going to watch a pendulum swing back and forth as I get “sleepier and sleepier”.

Hollywood movies sure have brainwashed people into believing this is what happens during hypnosis.

We’ve all seen the movie of the doctor wearing his dark suit in his dark office, and the client sitting on a big leather chair, helpless, watching the pendulum go back and forth, while the doctor says in a deep dark voice “you are getting sleepier and sleepier.”

I’m here to wake you up! That doesn’t happen in my office-ever!

A session with me starts with a specialized interview. I gather information about your specific problems and desired outcomes. Then I teach a lesson in how the mind works and how the use of hypnosis will benefit your situation.

This is followed by guided relaxation to soothing music. I guide you with my voice to relax your mind and body so you are able access your subconscious mind to make the changes you desire to make in your life.

Oh, and by the way, you’ll be seated on a white leather sofa, and my office is warm and inviting! There are no pendulums hiding anywhere!

Myth #5: It’s going to put me asleep or unconscious

You might think that people in hypnosis are asleep or unconscious, but in fact they are in such a relaxed state of that they are actually even more aware and alert than usual.

They have a heightened sense of awareness of sight, smell, hearing and/or touch. Many people often find their creativity is extraordinary during hypnosis.

A person in hypnosis only appears to be asleep. The truth is, they are fully awake and it’s just their body that is very relaxed.

Myth #6: I’m not going to remember what happened.

Just like you’re not asleep or unconscious, you will be aware and remember what happens during the session.

Myth #7: I’m afraid of it.

If you are afraid of hypnosis, then it’s probably because you haven’t properly been educated in what hypnosis actually is.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and perfectly safe.

To learn more about it, please keep reading through the other myths.

Myth #8: It doesn’t really work.

If you think that hypnosis doesn’t actually work, then I encourage you to learn and read more about it. I find that when people have a better understanding of HOW it actually works, then they see it actually DOES work!

Psychotherapy Magazine published a study of the highest success in providing lasting change occurred with:

Hypnosis= 93% recovery success

Behavioral Therapy= 72% recovery success

Psychotherapy= 38% recovery success

Please keep reading through the other myths.

Myth #9: I can’t be hypnotized, it won’t work on me.

If there’s any level of distrust on a conscious or subconscious level, chances are you will resist being hypnotized.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t be hypnotized! Hypnosis works with most people, the exceptions may be those afflicted with mental illness, mentally challenged, or under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol.

Myth #10: I can’t relax my mind enough to be hypnotized and no one can get me to relax.

When I hear people say “I can’t relax my mind enough to be hypnotized” I secretly laugh inside because I’ve seen even the most Type “A” personalities relax and turn into jell-o in my office. By the end of the session, they’re amazed at how easy it was when they had me to guide them.

It’s easier than you think.

Is hypnosis for you?

Reach your greatest potential in your business and personal life!

Hypnosis can help you go from being stuck and self limiting to easily breaking through barriers and roadblocks that keep you from moving forward.

Now is your time for a breakthrough!

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