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“Learn How to Master Your Golf Game Every Time!”

Do you feel frustrated on the course when you’re unable to lower your score?

Are you stuck at your current score and can’t seem to get any better?

Do you ever feel so angry that you want to throw your clubs? Ever wonder why you keep hitting the same bad shot over and over again?

You don’t need to be a pro golfer to achieve the results you’ve always desired. However, it is essential to have the secrets every great golfer uses to play their best game and reach the Masters.

Lower your score once and for all!

You’ve come to the right website!

Hi, I am Nancy Seagal, your Mental Golf Guru.

I’ve been playing golf for 17 years, since 1992. I’ve faced all the challenges of most golfers. The frustration, anger, self doubt, and even embarrassment. Once I learned the secret mental tricks to playing golf, I lowered my score and increased my enjoyment! I’ve improved my game using these specific mental techniques, and I want to show you how.

These techniques are used by Record Breaking Gold Medal Olympic Champions and Professional Golf Masters.

Unfortunately, the average recreational golfer doesn’t even know about them. Many people who’ve used these techniques have not only improved their score, but gained the admiration and respect of their colleagues.

The secret is out!

What the golf pros don’t want you to know is now available exclusively for you. I am here to share this secret with you. Implementing them into your game will instantly give you an edge over the competition.

Did you know that 90% of your golf game is mental?

Imagine the weight of your golf bag:

Did you know that it’s not just your clubs that you’re carrying around?

You are actually carrying a whole lot of unnecessary weight on top of those clubs, which are heavy enough already. Stuffed into that golf bag, slung over your shoulders… is filled with your daily stresses of family, home, work, finances, and all the problems of your day. Chances are your bag is a lot heavier than it needs to be.

It would be so much lighter if the only thing you had to carry were your clubs and your water bottle. Would you not agree?

Good news! The mental baggage can be left behind, so you can be free to focus on your game.

The top 5 weights that people carry around as their mental baggage:


When you’re lining up to hit a drive, and if you hit the ball and it slices into the woods, I’m sure you get frustrated. The next time you hit, does this frustration escalate and compound to the next shot and the next shot?

Have you ever felt so angry that you nearly threw your club….or even did throw them? Have you ever felt so angry because you missed the 2-foot putt that caused you to loose the betting hole?

Getting frustrated by repeatedly and finding yourself unable to break bad habits will not improve your game.

This frustration could land your ball in the sand trap, the rough, lost forever in the water….or god forbid, in the other fairway!


Many golfers don’t even realize the amount of stress and pressure they have. Just the game itself can be make the strongest fall apart and crumble to their knees.

Most people don’t acknowledge the enormous stress and pressure that exists in making one shot. All the things that go into each and every shot: getting in correct position, having perfect posture, making sure your feet and hips are aligned, that your head is down and the speed of your swing… There are countless things that make up each shot. That’s one big to-do list!

And that’s just the physical part of it! It’s the mental part that’s most important and makes up 90% of your game!

Never mind, the pressures to play well amongst your clients or colleagues, and gaining their respect. Or wanting to impress the boss, or your friends.

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed by the way you play, this adds to the stress level that you’ll carry throughout your game. You don’t want your handicap to slip, especially at the next tournament or league.

Perhaps you have a hidden fear that you might be the golfer that no one wants to play with?

All this stress is another weight in your golf bag!

But you can stop stressing today because the Golf Masters’ Secret Weapon is out!


Imagine hitting a lousy shot. What comes out of your mouth might be,   ‘F@#%! That sucked!’

Yes, golf is a 4-letter word, but how many other 4-letter words are your directing towards yourself in one game?

You hit a shot, and the immediate response is “I’m such an idiot” and you curse yourself. This negative thinking affects the rest of your game. And carries through from hole to hole, until the end of the game. It may even carry into the next game you play.

A bad day at the office, or a bad day at home, is weighing heavy on your mind and weighing you down on the course, preventing you from having the best game that you could have.

Most people bring their business or personal problems onto the course, without even realizing it. Like your golf bag, these problems can be emptied before even taking one step onto the course.

And I’m going to teach you how to do it.


Think of all the physical obstacles that you need to contend with on the course:

–       Water
–       Trees
–       Sand traps
–       The rough
–       Wind
–       Rain
–       Heat
–       Snow
–       Design of the course
–       Quality of course maintenance

Another common obstacle is dealing with the people you play with. Have you ever been stuck playing with a partner that you don’t like and are saying to yourself:

“I have 4-hours with this guy? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

And then there’s the mental obstacles. Sometimes, you’ve just got to get yourself out of your own way.
Some of these obstacles can’t be taken out of our golf bag, but you do have control over them!

Being in control will lighten your baggage and this is one of the secrets the pros do.


Your nerves affect your game. Physical nervousness can cause stiffness in your swing, which throws off where you want to place the ball, lessening your accuracy.

It also has an affect on how you interact with your clients in business.

When you play for business results, getting your client to seal the deal before the 18th hole can make you pretty nervous. And let’s face it, anxiety is a distraction from enjoying the game.

We are here to have fun, aren’t we?

Don’t let them fool you… even the best golfers with nerves of steel still have hidden anxiety. The difference is that they have a secret weapon which doesn’t allow their anxiety to affect their game.

Combining the hidden anxiety with the stress, obstacles, frustration, and pessimism could leave you carrying around a ton of bricks.

It’s time to dump that load!

Free yourself of all of your mental baggage, once and for all!

What’s stopping you? Your game’s not getting any better! So why wait?

  • Your career is depending on your game.
  • Your reputation is depending on your game.
  • Your business is depending on your game.
  • Your wallet is depending on your game.
  • Your game is depending on you!

The mental techniques of the masters will get you out of your own way, and free yourself to be in control, get the edge on the competition, and actually enjoy the game again!

I’ve created The Golf Masters’ Secret Weapon for golfers just like you.

The Golf Masters’ Secret Weapon is a 6-week program, which will help you to:

–       Reduce your score and maintain it.
–       Reprogram negative habits and turn them into positive habits.
–       Play a great short game, instead of just a the long game, or vice versa.
–       Get a hole in one!
–       Lower your handicap.
–       Be successful in tournaments!
–       Seal the deal with your client before the 18th hole!
–       Gain admiration and respect of your peers.
–       Increase your winnings on every hole you bet!

You can turn your bogies into birdies.

This is what the Golf Masters and Record Breaking Gold Medal Olympic Champions are using, and here is your chance.

Your 6 Week- Mental Golf Masters’ Program includes:
•    Weekly written report
•    Weekly video training
•    Weekly 30-minute subconscious re-programming audio download.

The Golf Masters’ Secret Weapon Curriculum:

Week 1: Reduce Stress

You will learn:
•    Effective techniques to remain calm and relaxed under the most stressful conditions.
•    How to change pressure into pleasure.
•    Take stress in stride and take control over it.
•    Be the calm amongst the chaos

Week 2: Transforming Pessimism to Optimism

You will learn:
•    Take control of your mind and produce positive results.
•    Enjoy every moment of your golf game.
•    Eliminate negative self talk to remain relaxed throughout your game.
•    Let go of your bad days for good!

Week 3: Overcoming Obstacles

You will learn:
•    Effective techniques to persevere in the most challenging circumstances on the course.
•    Turn your problems into intriguing challenges.
•    Develop your creativity to overcome any challenge, no matter where your ball lands.
•    Effective ways to conquer the toughest holes.

Week 4: Anger Management

You will learn:
•    Dissolve your anger and gain control of your game.
•    Remain calm even in the midst of the most maddening circumstances.
•    Use your anger to ignite your motivation and determination to play your best game ever!

Week 5: Overcoming Anxiety

You will learn:
•    Effective techniques to eliminate your anxiety.
•    Eliminate the jitters on the course  and develop unshakeable confidence.
•    Have the freedom to enjoy every game you play!

Week 6: Achieving your goals

You will learn:
•    Effective techniques for unshakeable laser focus for each shot you make.
•    Techniques to get in ‘The Zone’ and stay in ‘The Zone’.
•    Be the leading competitor and the one to beat!

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My personal guarantee: If you find that this program has not improved your game after 6 weeks I will refund all your money, no questions asked. This means that I am taking all the risk. You don’t need to risk a thing!

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