Ending Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is fear that has no outlet.

Fear is normal during times when your life is threatened or when your happiness is threatened. General anxiety happens when fears increase in intensity,

and become exaggerated, unreasonable,  and irrational.

Often, anxiety is a result of the habit of exaggerated fear from which panic stems from.

It is an unbalance of possible danger of proportion, to its probability.

Anxiety-free people accept risks as a possibility and don’t let risks interfere with their lives.

However, those with uncontrollable anxiety, worry treating each possibility as a probability. Also known as catastrophic thinking which can lead to a psychosomatic illness.

When you habitually worry about something that may happen in the future, you are running your motor at full throttle, all the while you are standing idol, parked, using up valuable energy for daily living and trying to figure out why you  are sick and tired.

Your body is designed to instinctively ‘take flight or fight’ during times when you  feel threatened. It is your natural way of surviving.Your adrenal glands secrete the adrenaline hormone when you perceive you are in danger. Adrenaline is metabolized in your body in less than three minutes and can go way quickly. This means your anxiety never needs to last more than three minutes. When you stop your catastrophic thinking your panic attacks will be over within three minutes.

Your thoughts and what you say to yourself, your self talk, is what controls your anxiety level. You control your self talk and you can change it for the better.

How to End Anxiety and Panic

Does your heart race? Does your breathing become rapid? Do you find yourself paralyzed with panic? Do you feel like your motor is running full throttle while all the while being stuck in park?

Anxiety is fear with no outlet. This fear increases with intensity to become exaggerated, unreasonable and irrational, creating panic. This valuable cd will help you to end your anxiety and panic in less than 30 minutes. Giving you simple techniques you can use anywhere at anytime and eventually eliminating your anxiety.

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