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Empower Your Organization with Wellness Seminars For Success

Nancy Seagal is a highly sought after corporate wellness keynote speaker and therapist of Clinical Hypnosis and cutting edge BWRT. She is also a renowned best-selling author.  Nancy’s work acts as the catalyst for others to access their power to rise above the barriers which keep them blocked from being successful. Nancy’s innovative ability to use the power of determination and transformational thought processes is why her message is changing lives across the globe.

Nancy’s journey overcoming undiagnosed mercury poisoning along with decades of professional experience as a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist and BWRT Advanced Practitioner positions her as an expert in rising above adversity.

Nancy specializes in transforming business professionals to overcome anxiety and fear of their speaking skills that impede the maximization of profits. There are 3 levels of Presentation skills: Business Presentations, Public Speaking, and Communication. All three are paramount to achieving career and corporate success. Sales, purchasing, business negotiations, and interacting with colleagues all involve presentation skills.  Some of the benefits of being trained include:

  1. Stronger employee engagement
  2. Sales & closing success rate increased
  3. Enhanced customer service
  4. More effective management.

It is paramount that all levels of management, particularly sales & marketing groups, be confident and powerful when speaking and presenting to their audience.

As a manager/sales & marketing representative YOU are a public speaker! 

You must inspire colleagues, employees, and clients to achieve the goals of your organization.

It is Nancy’s belief, a belief grounded in scientific fact, that greater productivity, increased job satisfaction and overall well-being are enhanced organically under this improved wellness model.

Nancy offers on-site or Skype conferencing.


For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation to evaluate your organization’s needs please contact:

Nancy Seagal: (805) 705-4279