After being bed-ridden and in a wheelchair for 12 years I was not able to do anything. I missed out on doing all the activities that I enjoyed, including golf, tennis, biking, hiking, and traveling. I was missing out on life, itself.

From that experience, I came to appreciate every moment of my life as a gift. I came to appreciate that our human bodies give us: the freedom to move, play, compete, and socialize.

I am now on a mission to help other people overcome any challenge or injury that is preventing them from playing and being at their best.

Hypnosis is able to access the subconscious, where you can reach your greatest potential.

If a challenge or injury has set you back, you can overcome it.

I believe that you hold the power to unlock your greatest potential. All of the answers and solutions reside within you. You’re best game, your best race, your best future is waiting for you.

No matter what has held you back, it’s still possible for you to overcome it and discover your highest potential.

Just look at me, I’m living proof! I went from being bound to a wheel-chair to breaking free and living my life to the fullest.

It’s now your time to claim the gift and freedom that YOU ARE capable of!

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