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Rising Above Mercury: My Story of Poisoning and Recovery

Author Nancy Seagal captivates her audience by sharing her deeply personal and highly informative true life story of unexplained illness, medical ignorance, and remarkable recovery.

For twelve years, Nancy was sick with an undiagnosed and repeatedly misdiagnosed illness. She was hospitalized a number of times for severe pain and intermittent paralysis. At times confined to a wheelchair or had to rely on a walker, and suffered from debilitating symptoms like fatigue, wide spread pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and other ailments. Her career was severely impacted, her life put on hold every time she got sick. She went broke. Doctors at leading medical facilities told her she had fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis,and even a conversion reaction disorder. They told her the illness was neurological,they told her it was psychological, they told her it was all in her head. The doctors patronized and dismissed her.
What the doctors failed to recognize and what she did not find out for way too many years was this: She was suffering from a treatable ailment. She had been poisoned, and her diet was continuing to poison her body.

Fortunately, her story has a happy ending. But what took more than a dozen years to resolve favorably is currently a crisis situation for others. Because of the widespread contamination of our water supplies with mercury, a heavy metal toxic to the human body, many people the world over are suffering today from low-level mercury poisoning. They may have mild symptoms or they might suffer from serious disorders like Nancy did. Typically, they have no idea what’s wrong. And they are unaware that eating fish–supposedly healthy, low-fat, high omega-3 fatty acid, “brain food” fish–might just push them over the edge into the crisis zone. This is what happened to Nancy.

Rising Above It! 25 Solid Strategies to Prosper in Adversity

So many people underestimate their personal power and never reach the life     they dream of and deserve. This power comes from the most important tool we could ever use – our own mind. Everyone faces adversities throughout life. We also have a mind in which we are able to use as a tool to breakthrough these challenges. It is important to understand the basic function of the mind in             order to apply techniques that will benefit and enhance a person’s life. This          knowledge allows for an accelerated advantage to occur and may be applied toward minor adversities and those that are monumental. This book shares basic information about the mind and how it works in chapters one through five. The sixth chapter shares 25 solid strategies with exercises that may be applied when facing all levels of adversity.

The Queen’s Legacy

An Instant Best Seller!

The Queens’ Legacy, an inspirational compilation of stories designed to inspire its readers to grow through what they go through so their greatness can show through. These 48 authors have been inspired by women who have been queens in their lives. Some of the queens are their mothers, some other family members, some Civil Rights leaders, some themselves. The common thread being they have made deposits in our lives that are worthy of celebration and conversation. Read their stories. Join their journeys. Celebrate their triumphs. Change your life forever.

Thank God I…Volume 3

Are you dealing with a current “negative” circumstance or crisis?

This release consists not only of over 50 heart-stopping stories of incredible triumph, but also of cutting edge, practical information on “how to” transcend ANY life challenge.

Share with us in the experience of one of the most important milestones in literature evolving the thought process of evolution to love for everything we experience.