Power Of The Mind: How I Survived Mercury Poisoning

How I Survived Mercury Poisoning

It is the power of the mind which assists in overcoming adversity.
I’ve faced a multitude of challenges throughout my childhood and adult life. I was raised in a negative environment and had countless negative beliefs.  Years later, I was faced with an undiagnosed, life-threatening medical condition. I was determined to find out what it was and believed I would overcome it somehow, and I did. Every single day I had challenges to overcome and many were very difficult.
I had virtually no solid support in my life and doctors telling me this medical condition was “in my head” with many others not believing otherwise. There were people who obviously didn’t know me too well, that questioned if I was doing drugs or had AIDS (even though the symptoms were different). I could read their faces and saw they came to their own conclusions. I made it a point not to let their judgment bother me because it was just that, their judgment, not my truth.
Not knowing what was wrong with me, every day I searched for an answer, never knowing when my symptoms were going to return and when they did, how long they would remain. I didn’t know if I was going to die that very day or if I would get to live one day more. I had no clue to what my future held.
I went from an extremely strong, independent person to an emotional person, as fragile as thin ice over water, about to crack at any moment. This was very difficult life experience yet I held onto my belief that I would eventually find an answer and prove the doctors wrong. If I believed my challenges were stronger than I was, I wouldn’t be here to tell you my story. I stayed focused and determined on finding an answer and I achieved an answer as the outcome. I chose to focus on positive empowering thoughts rather than drowning in anger, self-pity, fear and negativity. Eventually, I was led to the doctor who saved my life. It was through him that I found the correct diagnosis that had been plaguing me for over twelve years, it was mercury poisoning.

So remember, when life gives you lemons you may choose to be a sour puss or choose to make lemonade. Other than God and his universe, you and you alone choose what comes to fruition. Imagine each and every one of us doing and having whatever we want in life. Really! People have known this secret law of manifestation for centuries, going back as far as the beginning of civilization.  You choose your beliefs, thoughts and actions, no one else. Do you want quality of life? A life of love, happiness, prosperity, success and magnificent dreams that come true? Or do you want something mediocre or worse, an unfulfilled life that is meaningless? I invite you to commit to living the life of your dreams!
I am the perfect example of how this works.  If I believed the doctors that told me that my illness was “in my head”, when all along it was mercury poisoning, I would not be here to tell my story in order to help others. Nor, would I be able to pass this important information along to others so, they too, can be a positive force in life, however, they choose to do so. This information can be applied to any aspect of one’s life, be it personal power, relationships, business, finances, health, community or spirituality.