I’m in Vogue Magazine!

Rising Above It! in Vogue

Paging through the September issue of Vogue I stumbled upon an article written by the chief editor, Anna Wintour, titled Rising Above It. I said in jest, ‘Wow, I’m in Vogue, how did they ever find me?’  As it turns out it was about me, and it was about you too!

With today’s economy in the trenches, everyone including the icons of fashion are feeling the challenges at some level. How apropos to have Hollywood hottie Halley Berry grace the Vogue magazine cover. The article acknowledges the roller coaster ride Halley had been on since the making of the award winning hit, Monster’s Ball. Some might think the grass is greener for those on the other side, the truth is, each and every one of us experience adversity on all levels. How many times have you known or heard of the person who seemed to have it all together only to find out they had been going through treacherous times?

Adversity is part of life, no one gets a free pass, ever! Big or small you have to go through hardship. Adversity helps you to grow, learn and stretch yourself to breakthrough to places you never thought you could go. And as the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

As a leading adversity breakthrough expert I suggest to you, accept the road to have bumps, potholes and bridges that fall out. You can choose to fall into them or rise above and create another path to keep you moving forward in your life.