Nancy Seagal is a popular Communication Keynote Speaker. With an extensive background in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Nancy is experienced in multiple therapeutic disciplines and an expert at addressing the nature of public speaking and communication in general.

Nancy is a best-selling author where she defined her recovery from mercury poisoning by sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to focus on their recovery. Nancy has been interviewed on CBS, FOX, NPR and numerous radio talk shows. In addition, Nancy has produced and hosted her own TV show, Rising Above It. As founder of Rising Above It, Nancy produced personal development programs including an extensive audio collection addressing reduction of stress and working through anxiety. As a skilled communicator Nancy is versed in the nuances of promoting concepts and ideas on a broad range of subjects through a variety of modalities.

As a keynote speaker specializing in helping business professionals overcome anxiety associated with public speaking, Nancy presents a variety of relaxation and confidence building exercises. Nancy shows speakers how to deliver concepts and ideas in a relaxed and effective manner. This combination of approaches to public speaking can maximize opportunities, increases profits and help companies, teams and individuals interact effectively.

With over two decades working with people in a variety of environments, Nancy is well qualified to address the public speaking needs of corporate executives, sales management teams and company representatives. Nancy’s presentation excites people into embracing a higher level of communication.


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