Anger Management

Anger is the most destructive of all emotions because many times it is hidden, unrecognized, under a disguise which manifests into areas of your life.

Feelings of guilt, hate, sarcasm, and self-pity are all forms of anger. Feelings of guilt can arise when you are angry at yourself.

When you feel hate your anger is directed at yourself and towards the object of your hatred. Sarcasm is an expression of anger. Self-pity is felt when you are angry at people or situations.

Whether anger is expressed or suppressed it is the cause for much unhappiness.

By minimizing it, you can lead a much happier life.

When you replace anger with compassion, understanding and even amusement, you learn to recognize the naivety of the actions of others.

Expressing anger towards another human can escalate into hostility, leading to name-calling, sarcasm and exaggerations.

When anger is suppressed it festers causing depression, illness and disease in the body,

The nervous tension from suppressing anger leads to many types of symptoms and illnesses. It may show up as high blood pressure, rashes, digestive disorders, ulcers, headaches and even heart attacks.

Anger has also been linked to cancer.

For example; the person who is afraid of confrontation. This person  cannot talk back to their boss, becomes angry, goes home and takes it out on their children. If they suppressed anger about the situation, they may suffer headaches or an ulcer.

By replacing anger with communication or finding an alternative method, it brings relief to feelings of anger.

You fail to think clearly when you are angry. Your adrenaline glands become overactive, which gives you physical strength but hinders your brain function.

So, when your negative emotions goes up, your intelligence goes down, limiting your greatest potential.

Instead of becoming angry, which confuses the brain, you must avoid this type of emotion.

You can avoid suffering with anger and hostility if you refuse to accept it in the first place. By refusing to accept anger and hostility, it can be replaced with tolerance, understanding,  love,compassion,sympathy and forgiveness.

Your childhood experiences shape the subconscious.

For example; A person who is a criminal, chooses their course of action from their experiences and their influences.

While another person of religious background, may choose a different course of action, from their experiences and influences.

Yet if you were in the other person’s shoes, raised with their same influences and experiences, you would act the same way.

You may disapprove of a person’s actions, you may prefer not to associate with them, but hating them causes more harm than good.

Anger can cause illness and extreme unhappiness. Once you accept the desirability of tolerance, understanding, love, compassion, sympathy and forgiveness, you will feel peace within yourself, your life and be headed in the direction to reach your greatest potential.

How To Manage Anger

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