Achieve Your Goals

What your subconscious mind perceives, you achieve!

As a child growing up, the majority of your negative programming is the product of judgmental parents. To some degree, they tell us we are good or bad, right or wrong, and much more. Generally speaking, you might be labeled in different ways. If you make mistakes, you may be labeled as dumb, or if you never clean up after yourself, you may be labeled as sloppy, if you don’t do well in sports, you may be labeled a loser.

This type of ‘thinking style’ is inherited from judgmental parents. Our inner voice becomes critical, producing fears and worries. Limiting you to to make changes and try new things, it also limits you to reaching your greatest potential.

When you perceive yourself as bad, lazy, dumb, stupid, mean, ugly, clumsy, loser and perhaps many others… it will limit you and what you achieve. Change your negative preconception of yourself to a positive self acceptance and you will break free to reach your goals and your greatest potential.

The four keys to reaching your goals are:

1. Be positive and optimistic РIt is good to be optimistic even when, what     seems to be most the impossible, is possible.

2.¬†¬† A strong desire to succeed ‚Äď When you program your subconscious mind toward that strongly desired goal, you will reach it.

3.   Be specific- have a clear, concise, desired goal.

4.   Be practical.  If you want to be a doctor in three years, yet only have a high school education, given the time limit, it would leave a very wide gap to reach that goal.

Follow these 4 keys, keep a positive and optimistic attitude, have a strong desire to succeed, Be specific and be practical, and you will reach your goals and your greatest potential.

How to Achieve Your Goals

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